Ty Richards Banned in Austin, TX

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Ty Richards Banned in Austin, TX

After Ty’s second studio album release, “Welcome to Flat Earth”, and after 3+ months of heavy rotation of his single “Western Chauvinist”, Richards was suddenly banned from Austin’s KUTX radio.

They lied and attempted to coerce him to publicly explain and apologize for the song in exchange for restoring his airtime. In typical punk-rock form, Richards gave them the proverbial middle finger and blasted the art censorship publicly. In addition to the radio-banning, the browbeating continued and he was promptly blacklisted from all Austin clubs, and dropped by his publicist and all Austin music industry contacts.

Ty Richards is currently working on his 3rd studio album, and has taken his Austin music industry social-shaming as a license to think, speak, and create even more freely than before. Ty encourages other musicians and music-lovers alike to take creative risks and open their mind to think freely, at any cost.

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